see a lot of people are talking about how to do to make money, have depressed, surprise, there are complaints, also preaching tuition I look after is very calm, do the purpose is to make money, the starting point and I think more important, no ground for blame, is that the website make money did not move, interest first! Because the interest will be more investment, more professional, more excellent website! Here is my interest, do


I was engaged in scientific research, is not a full-time webmaster, the website is also a super rookie, not afraid of you laugh at me, I do not understand is interested in, do not understand programming, database, do not understand the optimization. Well, what do I know? I only know how to make a static page. I can only use fronpage. Now you believe I’m a newbie.

just started also did not want to do, because I love to watch the game on the Internet, all often for a NBA or a football game to find what network TV, love to watch live online friends may know, now network TV station links many are able to see today, tomorrow not necessarily, so here too often change, especially irritated! Finally one day, I want to live every day all over the world to find such view is not the answer ah, why don’t own a TV website? But just contact the website construction, what all don’t understand, no time to engage in scientific research all day go to school, how to do? Go to some online TV program download site, a change (just change some simple, profound or do not understand, ha ha, usually is to change some background. Ah, font, and so on) Title modified to engage in a free space to put up, in some Post Bar on some today what games like advertising, ha ha, is really effective, really some people to visit, as long as there are a few people heart indescribably happy and every night (day not empty) have good statistics in the background after a long. Because I also want to see a big game, too often go to some web sites to find some can see the link, so my website links little, slowly every day hundreds of people come to visit. At this time, I am also familiar with the website a bit, thinking about how to do their own domain name and space to do, coupled with the fact that the free space is very unfair at the bottom of the ad. Want a good, the first is to choose a domain name, ha ha, said that there is a small episode, I would have to consider several domain names, I do not know what a good first guess, and finally how to set it? Oh, on the Internet to find a place to forget about all the fortune teller finally selected as the domain name, because only when a fortune teller "Ji", it is to let you laugh at me! Is followed by selected domain name space, because all static pages, do not account for the expected time game resources may also peak in the number of lines will be many but before, so I bought a limit IIS link number, then everything is ripe, a free Internet TV station.