website business, the Internet as a fast and efficient method of investment, more and more people have accepted and respected, for a stable income site, directly over the acquisition than on bank interest rates much higher, of course, the risk is big, this requires our investors must be on the site the value of an accurate assessment. As a senior webmaster of A5 website trading area, I contact and evaluate many websites every day. Here is how to evaluate the value of websites simply (depending on search engine websites).

1. website site time

the longer the site, the better, especially to ask the original webmaster, the site to maintain the current theme for how long?. A web site that has been 5 or 6 years old is trustworthy for both search engines and users.

2. Baidu weight

‘s largest search engine is Baidu, and its market share is the largest, so the weight of Baidu determines the value of the site to a large extent

3. friends chain, the chain situation

have done the website all know, friend chain and the quality of the chain, quantity, have influence to the weight of the website. A station, if the chain is very strong, and its stability and rising space is relatively large, such stations even new sites are also worth possession.

4. site history

how to evaluate a website is good, the most direct is to see whether it was stable enough before. General tools to see him for the last 2 years, weight change big, the fluctuation is normal, but if there is any serious drop right or be K, that the value of the site will be greatly reduced, because the website is a bad record, so that Baidu K will increase the probability of being again.


5. entry

The entries on the

site, preferably in the inner pages, are ranked, and the number of entries is large and should be scattered across different pages. For some sites, may be all his entries are home, there are rankings, this must be careful.

the above five points when we want to invest in the acquisition of the site, we must carefully check the authenticity, preliminary evaluation of good, can ask to see the site specific flow conditions, flow is the most able to reflect the real situation of the website. For practitioners in the traditional industry, if you want to invest in the website, it is better to find a friend or ask me to help you analyze and evaluate.

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