in the first half of May has been busy with the company’s website SEO optimization, there is no time to thank the article, mainly busy.

today, we talk about the recent optimization company website in you, our company website when I took over, from any aspect does not accord with search engine optimization, the site theme is not clear, the structure is not clear, each page of the title are the same, is the name of the company, the home of the keyword description with keyword writing the construction of the network company website or company name, I am depressed. After my revision now looks good, all aspects are adjusted to the search engine love website, each page independent titles and descriptions, and quickly generate static. The choice of 6 main key words are placed in the home, this is what I do is regret the decision, because the site is now CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, CCC certification in Baidu and Google has a good ranking. But there are 2 key UL certification, ETL certification, is at the back of the title keyword, keyword density and in front of a few keywords almost, but the ranking is different, in the search engine completely according to the.

so I suggest you choose the best 1-3 home page keywords, do not be too greedy, which indicates that the site in the building before the keyword selection is very important, I do not understand our industry, so how do I choose the

keyword?First, according to the main

service company, to determine the key problem.

second, check the same industry, other companies website is how to choose key words?.

third, talk to people in the industry and ask them what keyword they want to use in search engines (in other words, analyzing user search habits).

mentioned above the weight selection and keyword search engine on the title is more on the more weight, a page too many keywords to optimize is adverse, it is difficult to optimize, the reason I chose 6 key words some also can have good ranking is the key competition is not very intense, other industry site optimization means is not high, if it is relatively intense industry competition, too greedy words may not have very good rankings, to have a clear goal, the optimization of up to center. Want to many industry keywords too much? How can you classify these keywords, divided into 1 categories, 2 categories, 3 categories, respectively, arranged in the home page, column page, inside pages.

This is my

optimization to our company website ( this time to gain experience, hope to help you in the website optimization, website SEO industry friends, want to learn more knowledge of SEO, you can go to Shenzhen SEO station: