today should be said to be a celebration of the day, the station just built a month, has begun to let Baidu like it. Since building station, I often go to stationmaster net to study, the summary that studies my stage now is summed up.

recently, Baidu began to organize, many stations have been K, some people say that Baidu K is not afraid, there are Google, which is true, but in China, Baidu still accounts for a large proportion. After all, Baidu dominates China’s search market in china. Through my own personal experience, I’ll discuss with you how to make Baidu like your station better.

1, the development of a website, must first have a resounding name, the election name is very important. Select the name to follow a few names, a loud, two is simple, easy to remember, to be catchy. Three, consider people’s input habits, it is better to choose the keyboard subtitles relatively near. Have a very long time, I love movies, but there are many online movies need to download the plug-in online watch, at least I am tired, I certainly don’t see if a prompt to download Plug-in, if I want to build a movie website online to watch the fluid, must have the market. I’m a movie buff myself. My initial idea was to build a web site that could watch movies online, without looking at any plugins, and be fluent. With that in mind, I set about building my own film site. First of all, there was a loud name. I thought about it for nearly a week, and I helped a lot of friends. Better choose 565c, call me happy, I like, and 56 seem relatives. Oh, to tell you, this is a little clever, must with the station with relatives. No good pedigree, but can strive to improve their own, and cultivate their own good pedigree. Isn’t there a stationmaster say, the person has no I have, the person has me to change, the person changes me new, this behind is a person new I set up, set up own style. Moreover, the name, 565c, I’m happy, I like, 565 close by, and finally add a letter C, readily knock on. I 565c, I like music, catchy. And very festive, take a festive name, and their psychological, looked comfortable. Besides, I go to 565c every day, and I enjoy every day. How many times to go, just how many times I’m happy, I like it. Don’t make the movie station, I can do the other station, I sell the car, I like music, I like music I sell guns, find friends, I like to do my music, my music industry station, I like a lot, I think what to do. I’m happy, I like to mention the choice of domain names, according to Baidu’s preferences, Baidu is still very fond of COM, so I would like to recommend you must choose com, do not covet for a while cheap, choose a CN, or something else. Great influence on the future.

2, after the name is chosen, optimize your website, do keywords, keyword is very important. This mentioned the name just now, I am happy, I like, with 56, my happy video is very lovesickness. Of course, also benefited from the recent news of the 56 website, because 56 pause, my my music, I can fire a fire. A very good example, follow station >