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technology blog in the United States first emerged, such as TechCrunch and Mashable have achieved great success, the domestic technology blog also gradually popular, from the beginning to now have been developed, such as Lei Feng, tiger sniffing, and titanium media, Jian Soubo guest, 36kr etc. are in constant progress. How to write a tech blog is a big concern for every blogger or blogger team". According to my personal experience, I would like to talk about a few points for your reference.


1, locate

what is positioning is nothing more than blog content and user positioning. When you’re writing a tech blog, first of all, make sure who your users are and who you’re targeting. This is the most easy to identify things, because we often because of various reasons, the content of love and the expansion of user groups, although have been large, but ignore the needs of professional users, and the Internet, is the era of information explosion, lack of large and complete content, but the lack of small the content of beauty. For example, 36kr, which is a rapidly growing technology blog, their idea is to become the China version of TechCrunch, but from the current situation, they are slowly narrowing their own position, according to reports of entrepreneurship is more prominent, this field in today’s fickle Internet, have the courage and courage is rare.

two, real time

the ancients said, "hero", the "potential" is not "thing", but can be linked. The so-called current situation, is the social environment, often refers to the chaotic social environment, here stressed that the timing of the opportunity accounted for a large proportion. Today’s Internet can be described as highly developed, while at the same time developing at a high speed. All kinds of news are updated in real time, and the rapid development of micro-blog and WeChat is to deepen the real-time sharing of the internet. As the technology blog itself, the real-time nature of the article is particularly important. Whether it is TechCrunch or Mashable, they pay attention to real-time updates, we are interested can pay attention to.

three, practical

has just shared the importance and necessity of real time, and in fact it’s very important. Blogs are like daily food. People come and eat it. You share the content of rice, the user can eat, you share the bread, the user can also eat, you share the tomato egg noodles, users feel a change of taste, feel good. If you often provide mustard, I guess the user has come two times, and Hold can not live, unless he is mustard brother. What this means is that the content we share is more in line with the user’s taste, not too far off.

four, prospective

blogs are in a variety of forms