for an enterprise web site on an independent IP can reach 50 on the good, some people may laugh, but for a corporate website has been doing optimization of the workers, I feel the general corporate website IP are not too high, because the theme of the site and content has been decided not IP traffic enterprise website too high, even if will reach more than 100 or more, but this situation will not continue for a long time, a corporate website theme is probably around a product, a kind of variety, a region, a corporate website at most only 1000 pages (this is basically the biggest estimate), so a corporate website is doomed to less traffic situation, it cannot be compared with the type of portal website. This analysis we can easily find the enterprise site traffic is a very common phenomenon! How to make your site by more than 100 in IP can even stabilize such a good situation? I will according to your own experience to say


because contact optimization enterprise website is more, also relatively long, so I will focus on how to optimize the enterprise website to get traffic. When we receive a list of enterprise website optimization, we do not rush to change the title, change keywords, do links and so on. It should be from a visitor’s perspective to observe how the interface design of the website a? Whether the content of performance appropriately? Website structure is smooth (see page and page, between the different level structure is able to smooth each other if we find browsing)? The interface design is not harmonious, the content shows the page structure is not appropriate, smooth then we need to modify the site (the practical requirements of the SEOER can have a certain understanding of web application we may feel we do optimization is not necessary to change the page or even large area changes, but if a SEOER is really going to do so!). Said so much, I want to say is the site first is to focus on the user experience, only allows users to enter the site in the vision to make them feel comfortable, so they will have the possibility of second times to come, the website traffic really need to have repeat customers to maintain a considerable flow value. I have had such a site before the optimization of the layout of the web site I dare to compliment (at least better now, you can go to see), optimize work before I had a talk with business owners to optimize price, which talked about the website needs revision, need to adjust the layout, this may be a little higher than do not modify the site keywords ranking do price alone, for a long time to negotiate with the boss but he eventually did not agree (see the boss is not the kind of people also can not afford the money), but a in the keyword rankings do it, finally we signed several Baidu keyword do a give the effect of the cost. This site I optimized for about two months or so to reach his effect, the boss very readily gave me the money, but a month later he found me, not because of keywords ranking drop, but that the site does not flow, I was.