with these two days of social media on a 100 education scores candidates "God dialogue" comics appear, online education can train high score candidates become a new round of discussion hot spot.

, a 17 year old student who took part in the 100 free education intensive program, has scored 109 points on the July TOEFL test, which confirms the effectiveness of the online education platform, Xu Xuejing. As 100 Education says: "100% brother does not produce content, 100 brother is a porter only.". No quality Porter is not qualified, but also can not get the wages drop, and 109 points, the examinee is the first case of online education, but also shattered online education without effect theory evidence. Xiao Xu’s successful experience is worth learning, and it also leads to low cost and high efficiency online education.

live is better than recording

a line to participate in the training of more than two years of candidates, only after several months of online learning, there are changes in turn the world upside down in TOEFL, when not see, perhaps a Arabian Nights thing, but now it exists around us. The same is online TOEFL IELTS (micro-blog) course, why 100 education can do? Students, New Oriental online, Taobao had sales in the sky course, this period of time and have to live on both recording mode.

, speaking of Gong Haiyan, believes that online education is no stranger to you, a champion of online education, three startups. After the ladder network operation is good, but also launched a live platform that good network, attack live market.

Most of the so-called flipped classes in

are based on video recording, while other online education is more so. The recording with low cost, high recycling rate, time and low cost, to capture the market by quantity over quality; and the live broadcast is equivalent to the disposable items, each time all is fresh, but compared with the cost is slightly higher, but wins in interactive, timely perception of students, good learning and reasonable solution. The student seems to live than listen or watch video, persist longer. Real online education requires teachers and students to get the right resources for teaching and learning through online interaction, and the live broadcast is undoubtedly a natural advantage.

and the impact of 100 education may benefit from YY, from the beginning in the form of live, and in the interaction between teachers and students designed to build on the experience of any feedback on their learning through large data mining. You can always question the teacher in the class, the students directly through the online answer sheet to answer, the teacher in real-time statistics can answer the case after a clear perception of the mastery of knowledge points, can be conducted immediately after marking comments.

in the classroom, students can raise their hands after the online sketch speak in chronological order, the teacher can also specify the students to speak, classroom teaching mode so as to better achieve the naming question, student speech, presentation and other line. And in class, students can see clearly catch the teacher’s >