recently in a number of television commercials saw easecredit advertising, there seems to be some feeling, and this one started easecredit advertising compared to some chills, easy letter from the beginning to now, we can say buried in torrents, and not to say that it has not been used for the crowd, even if it has some innovations, such as call low price pure communication advantages, but still in today’s market has not had the slightest change.

But when

easecredit just appeared and indeed to the market hit a shot in the arm, and then with easecredit bundled sales of hot models for a lot of momentum, at the same time we have to mention is the beginning of the easy to use letter to send traffic activities that I was impressed in the teeth of the storm and mobile Unicom is a high tariff issues, and easy to believe this also caused a certain impact, but easy to believe now why become a time tide loser?

is difficult to change the user’s habits,

the first point from the user’s perspective, easecredit did not really change the user’s habits, easy to believe in before the unfamiliar street, WeChat, QQ and other social networking, Fetion chat software early to seize the market, develop user dependent and long-term usage, and easy to believe that the bright younger generation rely on what advantages to change the user to use this habit? Users in the original social software in the accumulation of contacts

will decide on what path to follow?

can be said easecredit did not bring the user function updates, but have a similar function with their predecessors, it gives the user the listing did not substantially changed, so it is difficult to change the user’s habits which is not only in the late easecredit sustained expansion has brought some problems, in the early stage the user is no longer in use after a period of time easecredit, such easecredit is difficult to form the user viscosity higher, more difficult to change their position in the market.

positioning blur, can not accurately find the source

can be said easecredit is just beginning to locate the route to go family chat, but later became a couple in the market before the exchange tool, not a solid, easecredit is eager to open up a market, will lead to the two markets are not taken into account, no matter how many advantages of this software is easy to believe and if the customer does not have the opportunity to get to know, then there is no way to obtain a good product development, of course, this has many relationships and market positioning fuzzy easecredit.

brings a barrier for the development of positioning fuzzy easecredit, in the development of the accelerator because each customer wants to seize the customer level, so the every aspect of the customer in the loss, this approach allows easecredit The loss outweighs the gain. weakened, although there are some easy credit households are still in use, but as the number of easy to use letter of this circle is less and less, presumably the old user can persist will be less and less, after all this easecredit fuzzy market positioning from the view of development, is the enterprise product development taboo.

products emerge in an endless stream