a chance to register the www.yuyaoyou.com domain name, the definition is: Yuyao, Yuyao tour, going to do life information network, tourism network, farm land specialty network, what do have been thinking, a few days ago in the Dede forum to see a travel station template, do not feel wrong, do take a the site, just on the line, many places have not added good advice welcome.

I’m a newbie, so I’m standing in the beginner’s point of view:

1: personal webmaster for the portal, not the energy and capital, also not suitable for group purchase, cars, real estate and other more specialized, and profits of large vertical sites, because the profit also represents the competition in front of you, certainly a lot of people have been involved in the smart people, certainly much. Therefore, we choose the grassroots competitiveness is relatively small, or no one involved.

2: do stand, it is necessary to do congenital performance profitability station, previously done personal forums, do very hard, but it is difficult to profit. Flow and income is not proportional to, but now do local stations are different, each plate is to profit and set up. Tourism sector is currently talking with a travel company, intends to take channel naming way to give them exclusive information release. And local products and farmers happy channel will use the mode of charging information release,

makes every message available to me money.

3: look for resources because you are doing it yourself. This in the local still somewhat famous Yuyao BBS, I can through the flow and member import form to my new web site to bring the initial popularity. At the same time, I have a friend who is a village official. I am quite familiar with local specialties and farm music.

4: do a good job of optimization, such as I have this station, itself has a close, very few pages, so it is good to do rankings, a month to Baidu first page, and then you can talk to customers and charges, release information.

above is a little personal idea, I hope useful to everyone, thank you.