traditional small and medium enterprises to carry out the purpose of network marketing in simple terms, it is to promote the enterprise through the network exposure, and ultimately achieve the sales, so all the work is carried out around this purpose. If you ask where the key to network marketing, the answer may be traffic, website construction, network promotion and so on, of course, these are all right, but the roots think to do network marketing, which is also a key in the key is more important, it is the site of the conversion rate of


website conversion rate can be divided into several main understanding, such as consulting conversion rate, as well as transaction conversion rate. Why is the conversion rate is the key of the key, the reason is very simple, in site traffic under the circumstance of the same transformation advisory capacity, high rate of turnover is often the site of low conversion site several times, this is very easy to understand, especially for the traditional enterprise website, the specific details will not


enterprise website is unlike portal platform, website audience is not so wide, cannot one-sided pursuit of traffic blindly, after all, the position of the website is different. In this case, the conversion rate is more important than the pursuit of absolute flow.

since the site conversion rate is so important, then how to effectively improve the conversion rate of the site? The following on the basis of some of their own experience, and share this topic with you.

1, flow

to enhance the conversion rate of the site, we must first hold the source, that is, site traffic. It also mentioned this point, the enterprise website is different from the portal, your customer group is a specific crowd, and only this kind of specific crowd came to your website, it is possible to have transaction behavior. If a child of fifteen or six comes to a company that sells large machines, do you think he or she will be your potential customer,


traditional enterprise website should be precise traffic, need to do is to attract your potential customers to your site, rather than by some attractive pictures or text to some irrelevant people dragged over the campaign, because they are fundamentally not your clients, even to 10000, the effect is zero. To improve the accuracy of flow, mainly to make efforts in the promotion stage, and then identify the fish net! This is not a one-to-one explanation of


2, structure

the structure here refers mainly to the structure of the website. I do not know if you have such experience, come to a site, the site is half did not see why, on the site to turn for a long time do not know where to go, it is difficult to find what you want… To…, this is to bring the most intuitive feeling of a chaos in the structure of website to you. As a result, even if the intended customer comes to your website, if you do not have a little patience, most of the less than 10 minutes will turn off your site.

website structure is the main frame of the website, to the user >