if the blog industry suffered winter, it meets the development bottleneck, so light blog can be regarded as in this environment, the road of change, compared to the traditional form of a blog, with little net led domestic light blog camp have abandoned the traditional blog of information overload, low efficiency, information update is slow, turn to the more information of social interaction, but it did not, do foreign light blog good premise, domestic light blog camp was wailing everywhere, even to. I think this, in addition to WeChat, micro-blog and other more emphasis on social product shocks, some objective factors and industry environment is also worth thinking about.

has never been able to set up a sustainable marketing attribute,

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only takes little network as an example, because I just begin to contact the light blog is from little start, register a user name, and then you can have two domain names, and change the template, little net to me was quite a good impression. But after a period of operation, I found that the net is actually more suitable for a friend like a small talk, that is, this area is more suitable for entertainment, but not suitable for marketing. The little net blog layout, mostly by picture clues series, bloggers can in the picture under the simple write point text, but the text on the importance of Buddha in the little net in the network is not enough, little popular blog ranking, most of them are photography, delicacy, music and other minority groups, for a wide range of people the attraction is not enough. In addition to do more for a long time, the feeling of seemingly gorgeous blog interface is actually quite confusing, especially when the product marketing, is to catch the key, it is for this reason that led me to give up little bit, perhaps really only as an entertainment zone.

pays attention to the value of information, but forgets the existence of business,

dot network has been unable to break through the barriers to development, becoming a representative of the success of the blog transformation, largely because of operational bias. Because the light blogging team although abandoned the traditional blog on the problems in the information overload, increase information simplification, enhance the quality of information, but the high quality information means the information will have very few friends yongcu. That is to say the light blog about photography, painting and even art themes are not enough to attract more grassroots, light blog operation team should understand is any of a product to obtain the market in the early stage of recognition, it is necessary to firmly attract low-end users, to get the attention in the search for high-end, it is the development of smart China market under the. Obviously, little net ignores the existence of business, there is no grassroots support for users, without the user base that certainly won’t win the favor of the marketing staff, and no one to help you up, your products and how the fire? As a power blog said, although about gun fame is not very good, but it brings development opportunities to the unfamiliar street, isn’t it?

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