June 28th

Baidu K stand events can be included in the 2012 Internet popular annual event, for almost a month in the past, the event does not subside, but let the contradiction between Baidu and the webmaster seems more acute. As a global YiDianTong network operation, I also added many webmaster exchange group, nearly a week in laiqun revolves around the topic of the K station to discuss the incident, especially in the past two or three days, about one hundred thousand owners of one hundred thousand soldiers, war will never yield to evil Baidu webmaster "stickers, screenshots is emerge in an endless stream from one station to another group of a group of webmaster.

for the K station event many webmaster to Baidu as a judge, the move to abandon single abandoning plans for the company long-term profitability and nirvana. But officials have not responded to the press. Coming from Baidu webmaster forum news, an official tone speech, Baidu should also not stupid to customers in order to elite and kill all future potential customer resources and tendency, sources from the K station shows that the observable embodied with certain provisions of current national restrictions on the frequency of cloth. In the final analysis, this should be a good thing. Only partially unwarranted charges and was K stand off with some wrong Mo white. Although Baidu Adsense Forum opened the first appeal channel, but looks like the probability of losing more than wins. This also led to the truth of the declaration of war began to appear a variety of claims.

I think that the fact of the outcome, their noses can be, there will be no need to participate, because the event is actually a chicken ribs, throw and unfortunately, holding on who is not good. As the rumor said, one hundred thousand Adsense one hundred thousand soldiers, the victim of the webmaster group won’t get any trace of benefits. It will lose, and a little bit of damage for Baidu is not worth talking about. Google will eventually quit, only Baidu alone.

so, for Baidu K station this event, the global point of the net also made a foolproof preparation. Although in the know K station after the incident, the site has been no small impact, the most obvious is that included in a straight line down, Baidu weight reduction. But with the progress of the event, but let me find a few big K station reasons, to be exact, found the site must adhere to the three principles. Because from the business point of view and the long-term operation of the Internet development perspective, Baidu should not be so abrupt, and unprovoked search for trouble, lest the world is not chaos.

first, the most basic site of the original. The content of the site is always an old topic. According to the results of my further observation of events is the K station to appear the situation is the most copied website, imitate the website, because the screen update rate is too high, too fast, which leads to the contents of the same tragedy by K. From Baidu included, the content of the original content of the original content of the robot is still relatively large. This original proportion not only refers to the original content of the site itself update quantity, as well as the quality of the original content update, this quality does not mean with the content of the original content of the site does not match the original content. Because only then, >