to build a competitive electricity supplier operating team is a requirement of modern business, electricity supplier operation team itself is the Internet money tree. So, how to build an excellent electricity supplier operation team,


in the build system to pay attention to the overall thinking, thinking not only in the sales department, customer service department, but to stand in with the boss’s point of view to think about the problem, how to build an efficient, low-cost electricity supplier operating system, and it is a sustainable development system. In this system will include standard work manuals and work table, through the drain can effectively reduce the cost to the lowest level, the system must make the new recruit people can enhance the efficiency of rapid access to a working state so as to effectively reduce the training cost for the company.

Internet era is the era of fast eat the slow, a wrong decision will not lead to a company’s death, but not according to the trend of the development of the Internet and fast to adjust existing marketing strategy of the company would be killed, so to adapt to the Internet, embrace the Internet, through the latest information, an important platform to grasp the data the development trend of the Internet, according to the changes to adjust the marketing strategy, marketing to improve the input-output ratio, the only way to have a fierce competition in the Internet in a place to live in.

electricity supplier operating system to build

sentiment: create electricity supplier operating system is a trial and error, optimization, summary, system formation process, we can tolerate consumption in the test time, but absolutely can not tolerate piaffe, hidebound.

Internet marketing is a combination of platform and content, the platform is the content of the carrier, the content of the platform is dazzling stars. On the one hand, we need to choose the platform, such as Baidu bidding, web promotion and news media, classified information, industry forums, the official website of the company, the platform is very large, according to the company’s products and marketing objectives for these platform planning promotion content corresponding to the selected into a better platform and achieve a single point of breakthrough, eventually the operating system through the standardization work manual to form the entire electricity supplier. Moreover, the electricity supplier operating system is constantly optimized according to changes in the Internet development.

electricity supplier operating system to build steps

step 1, platform effect testing

as much as possible to find the Internet platform, publish promotional content to observe the effect.

step two, filter quality platform

according to the promotion effect data analysis, select the better quality promotion platform.

step three, single break, high-speed copy

looking for a better platform, focus on high-speed replication, in order to achieve the best results.

step four, build electricity supplier operating system

work out the worksheet, Workbook (including workflow, >) based on the content of the work