[Abstract] the author @ a soil thief, Design Thinking is a design idea, which is focus on is no longer the "use" itself, but by understanding the internal user mental model, user environment, and observed in the mental model and the dual role of environment behavior, to a design can really into their lives, are dependent on their products. In simple words, Design Thinking doesn’t just think about how users use it; it’s more about understanding the user and the environment in which it is located.

– not, only, understand, people, s, activities, also, more, importantly, to, understand, people, and, their, context (internally, and, externally), of, those, to, activities.

why does Design Thinking focus more on people themselves and their environment than on their direct usage?


person and his actions are connected by context, and he chooses to start the act only on the basis of a certain context. And this context is divided into internal and external, intrinsic refers to the person’s own internal drive and natural attributes; external refers to the environment in which it is located.


, for example:

scene: everyone is talking intently, and my cell phone rings at this time.

drives me to answer the phone, in the context of "


intrinsic: my judgment on the importance of this call, my experience of not answering this call, resulting in consequences, etc.,

external: what I do or do not do to the present environment, what influence this influence on me, and so on;

The dual role of

‘s internal and external influences determines whether or not I do such an activity. If I am in the context of the foreign judgment is: This is an open environment, no one will care about you is not to answer the phone; if I judge on the internal context is the last time I didn’t answer the phone I still take for the consequences based on good. Then I might have answered the phone.

another case, we will compare the influence of internal and external context: if the external context influence over internal – even if I do not answer the phone the consequences could not pick up the phone, because the boss is scold you, then I will not answer the phone.