Hello, I’m the hospital. Today, I’d like to introduce a 90 teacher of a steamed bread business school, a young man who is only 25 years old.

he called Chen Weixian, 25 years old this year, from the beginning of the 20 year old birthday, he every year on that day birthday to write your own article, the title is also very consistent with the current popular tone of public number of articles, "in the XX years old this year, what have I done?"

at the age of 24 this year, he did a lot of things: a book business circle the most expensive book "learning" operation with small Yin, in his words, a novice doesn’t know the routine, write 18.1 words themselves out; their own public number 365 days push 214; a columnist, a year high of 30 words; to other operators began to online lectures, and invited to HUAWEI, Tencent, telecommunications, mobile and Youku to operation.


a little since that is "down to earth" Boy, graduated two years he has realized to be famous as, also, to operate their own brand should be as early as possible. No wonder the 80 who will have both envy and admire the emotion of 90, those who know the age leggy a little truth, "little men" at such a young age already know how to say, houshengkewei.

– – –

from losing at the starting line to rookie counter attack

is a very shy little boy, he stood there, with a round face was childish, it is consistent with his work attributes, he can’t stop talking about the Internet in many techniques and ideas to you, but there is a deliberate shyness of talking about her.

he is Fujian Shaxian County people, parents do Shaxian County snack business, he still know to answer users questions, such as how to join Shaxian County snacks, snacks in Shaxian County is so big but why can’t become the chain and so on. Parents, when he was 8 years old, opened shop all over the country, and in a sense, he was the first left behind children. Grew up with grandpa and grandma grew up, and around the playmate, when young look at the crash, Aberdeen, grew up has become a crash prone Aberdeen, he is an out and out alternative.

in this context, he is already lost at the starting line of children, junior high school before he first contact with the computer, no computer at home, school and only 20 units, must grade 10 have the opportunity to contact them. In order to get the welfare – he believes that this is one of the incentives, the first performance is good a little later began to study hard, not only to play computer, and the third graduate directly was sent to the city’s best high school (Sanming 1).

when his family felt that Xiao Yin had no problem with the key university, his college entrance examination was tragic. <