finally made its new website early this year. Because of his childhood love reading books, usually there are always a bookworm self-evident, thought why the bookworm named? I take this name also has another meaning, that is to be able to put their unused books free gift to those in need. Because I usually love reading books, so the literature very congenial, also purchased and collected some literature books, computer technology. Most of them are bought and learned by themselves. As we all know, books have little use for themselves since they have studied and used them. But for others and those who need it, they still have the same knowledge utility. So his whim, since they have to go to contact with the network, why don’t you put these books free of charge to the needs and learning one? And we can also use the network platform to continue to develop, let everyone to contribute his idle without free books, and to love for those who need to learn and use, this is not a very good idea? So, "bookworm Zhai" was born……… .

in fact, as early as a few years ago, and even before they have access and awareness of the network, they have already had this idea and plan. Because I am very fond of literature since childhood, and also like to write poetry, song Fu, mood essay what; always want to have a space platform to show themselves. I think, maybe that’s why I’ve always loved and insisted on it.

later went out to work, a chance, let me have the honor to know and contact the network. First, follow a QQ friend at the meeting and learn QQ. Then I saw all kinds of beautiful personal homepages on the Internet, so the idea of having a home space was even stronger. So, in this way, never learning and contact with my computer, not a computer based me, so slowly while working, and bought some books and computer based web design books to learn. See how you can make a home space that really belongs to you. The original also made a space, but that is made with frontpage, and is the application of a free space, but also apply to other people’s template page. Later, because I have always wanted to make a new one. Because this time, I already have new ideas and plans, because at this time, Dreamweaver 8 has come out. So, I work on the side, bought and closed web design books from learning,. I hope I can make a real personal independent space out of me. And now, it has finally taken the first step, but also an important step, and finally made a truly independent personal website out. It is now the "bookworm Zhai" although it does not very exciting, also not very comprehensive,?? especially dynamic interaction is not perfect, because of my knowledge on this aspect is still not understand. But, after all, this is >