recently (around June 26, 2011), large area PR Google update, thought this is a gratifying thing, but I found some problems, let me "analysis". The most extraordinary update, new station (station in the 2 years of the website, lower PR website PR value) have made great breakthrough, have seen the most crazy website is PR soared to 6. in general is from 0 to 1 from 0 at a draught, more is from 0 to 3, 4, 5. There are also some websites whose PR has dropped, and the declining websites have high popularity websites.

last Google PR large-scale update occurred in 2011 January, when I have observed, but the time of movement is not very large, it is normal updates. In April of this year, Google PR renewed small scale. The impact of this time is relatively large, because some of the site has dropped PR, but relatively small scale, so it did not cause a sensation. This update at the end of June, can be said to be a sensation throughout the network, because most of the new sites are updated PR, and all of the hurricane. The PR of some old website can update (think old station’s PR is 5 above), that already is rare and rare. More veteran stations have been lowered PR, this is also I never expected.

According to the investigation of

star, many web site is not a long time, usually in about half a year, the longest no more than 2 years. The website mentioned above (called website A) stands for a very short time, and only about half a year, PR straight line from 0 to 6. PR A site promotion, this is inevitable, because the popularity of the site A has been very active. Just such a surge, a bit incredible. Next, let me give you another example of the 2 PR exception, because I’m not the site owner, so I’ll take the website B, the website C instead.

B, an industry inside the highest market share of website program, posting of the day is to million units, included in the site, the site of the chain, domain name age, these are generally the website can not match, it can be seen that the website traffic is considerable, the only drawback is the number of sites in the near future: program updates more (about 3 times)

website PR status: the PR value is still 0

website C, a technical forum, daily posting quantity is also "thousand class", the website included 400 thousand or so, the website’s chain is about 430 thousand, the domain name of the website is 07 years. The site has been running the same pattern, and there has been no error in the middle.

website PR status: the PR value of 4., the PR value of the site, 2 years ago is already PR=5, and maintained for 2 years. It is easy to see that the PR update has some elusive places. Star personally, can be explained from 2 aspects: 1) Google change >