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PR Alexa, included evaluation criteria, the reverse link and three party tools, can also use the visual method to evaluate a website, a variety of data after all one of the site is very troublesome, although to a browser installed on the PR and Alexa tools, but for most websites we see or the content, rather than a variety of data, and many promising PR and ALEXA stations are very low, so we have to learn how to determine the site with the naked eye.

this is considered as an entry-level, good or bad ability to judge websites. According to the external structure of the website, the external URL can analyze the structure of the website and know the advantages and disadvantages of its design. Through the website structure, we can know the future of the station.


(the picture: evaluation of the quality of a website standard)

judges the website LOGO through the website

because the majority of small and medium-sized site by others through web design templates, to determine the quality of a website is basically impossible, but only LOGO is one of the most visible throughout the site, and only the owners will work to design something, all of a LOGO is directly determined by the confidence of the user on your site. In this paper, such as Figure 1 shows, you think to contrast the two LOGO, the

is more professional?

therefore, the design of LOGO has a direct impact on the overall construction of the site, LOGO design should face various conditions to make the corresponding specifications, the design of the LOGO color may be applied to the web color matching system. Moreover, the design of LOGO should be applied to the requirements of promotion, that is, LOGO can be placed anywhere, not just the upper left corner of the page.


by composing articlesIn this paper, such as

with figure 2 shows, the same is the list of web page the most visible part of the latest 11 articles Jiangsu station all have 6 bold, and even a red. The main title and the uneven, long and short, and the time. The overall look, not only feel dizzy, but also gives people a feeling out of order. Similarly, the Chianz page list on the right side is much more tidy, and the title and number of words can be controlled just fine.

note: there are 2 to 3 titles in all CMS article systems. They are divided into headings, complete titles, and subtitles". In fact, these titles are a meaning, but will be applied to different places, such as when only write "title", the default list page, content page is the reality, but if the "title", "complete title" written on the list page will display different. That is, everyone in the portal station often see, you have a very attractive title, after entering, but there has been another title, that is the principle.


by web site

, that’s the details