1, early in the morning to see Sina, Chen Yizhou accepted Sina Technology interview, said happy network such a web site no threshold, it is easy to imitate. But he did not say happy nets therefore not competitive, but will not become the imaginary enemy inside the school. See such a paragraph, and let me imagine again, what is the real core competitiveness of Internet sites,


2, whether it is for the Internet, or open a face booth, investigate its purpose, all in order to make money, in order to make money. The Internet is just a tool to make money. If the same as traditional enterprises, then the fundamental in making money should be the same, that is, only sales is the core competitiveness of the Internet site lies. In addition to sales, all other things should stand in line.

3, a highly monopolistic web site like Baidu, is already very hard to imagine. Making an excellent Internet product is no longer difficult, and the real difficulty is how to sell your website.

4, product design is not important, important, there is no good product is cheating; art is not important, but also important, there is no good-looking interface, people simply do not look up. But in my mind, these ratios will not exceed half. Only sales and sales are the eternal topic and direction of an Internet company.

5, wine is also afraid of deep alley, so call. Happy network propaganda, unlike many SNS sites, not specific detail we can see on the Internet data. How to advertise, how to promote, how to rise, these are the real competitiveness of Internet companies. The DIY Department of our website regularly says, "your first attribute in the company is not the programmer, the artist, the customer service, but the sales.". Sales are our first attribute, and secondly, we are programmers, artists, customer service. Everyone should always remember that sales are tied to everyone. That’s what I think. Maybe not. But I think so.

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