dawn talent network (www.R-cai.com) was opened in January 08 years, has nearly half a year. I’m not good at writing articles, so people don’t laugh at me.

said please do not laugh at my brothers! The ASP program is not very understanding of what SEO is, like utterly ignorant of. I didn’t spend any time studying these things. I was busy with other things every day. At the time that the application of the whole group (R-cai.com/R-cai.cn/R-cai.com.cn) three very satisfied, friends say that the domain name to do good to our talent network, Chinese is good to remember; the result is operational, my talent network in Baidu always find, Baidu has not been included in, ask you eldest brother check the reason, I am depressed ah! Who can pointing pointing oh. I’m so depressed.

interested parties please add me QQ136012251 or leave a message here. Thank you.