profile website construction brand report:

1. what is the goal of building a website?

How does

2. determine web site building goals?

3. accurately determine the significance of website construction goals

website construction target for most website construction company is still a new term, the responsible person of the enterprise is not understood, and today we explore together about the website construction target that something.

1. what is the website construction goal


website construction target said the popular point is the purpose of the construction site, that is, through the website to get what you want to benefit the company website? Is the display of corporate image? Is to provide a communication with the outside world network window? Or to carry out the company’s product marketing network also is other?.

many companies often do not know why they want to do, just look at others, their competitors have a website, but in my heart, immediately find a site construction company, carte blanche, not a week to site successful on-line, see their website how beautiful, thought that music ah! No one the period saw a peer website launched a new version of the heart, may be dissatisfied with the holding, who is afraid of mind, two cosmetic website.

so, day after day, year after year, the site still exists, just a day to observe the site of the freshness has disappeared without a trace, this is the general enterprise website from birth to death process. So, the enterprise that wants to do a website, ask you to make the website construction target of accurate website for oneself company first,


2. how to determine the goal of website construction

A. combines its own condition,

Before the

to determine the site construction, please on the company’s entire business process, from how to find the product channels to find the right target customers to promotional products to customers to complete customers, whether there is a link of restricting the development of the company some of the whole process, so please put them dig out. Your company is not for customers worry about introducing the product is often busy? Only with a full understanding of their own enterprises, can through the website construction to solve these real problems, after the successful construction of such a site, more targeted, is a really useful website.

B. measurable target

The goal of the

web site must be precisely measured through the network, such as the presentation of the company’s products, how many people view the company’s product information, and which products are of the highest attention. For example, how many people have downloaded the company’s trial software, coupons?. Rather than direct customers to the company to buy products, this general, not easy to monitor the target.

only accurate measurement of the target completion rate, in order to better carry out website promotion, website >