was a little excited about writing for the first time!


has continued to have many websites, but also a lot of garbage station, one thing they have in common is what did not earn money! But learn it is very much, the energy consumed by many. From now to do a normal station, I do not know the classification of information site fired from when to raise a Babel of criticism of.

since it will fire, then we do, we are individuals, can not engage in portal, can not engage in information, so only in small ways. Because of the previous rental experience, too many intermediaries, and most people who rent no money, but the intermediary to receive 50% of the intermediary fees. So most of the 80’s young people like to find a house on the Internet, and Quanzhou is a place with a large population, there are many schools, so the so-called local industry website, Quanzhou house was born,


then SEO, posting flyers, posts, and links, from the beginning of their own collection of information to every day a regular customer release information.

is the so-called "Moonlight before the bed, two pairs of shoes, maybe everything was too smooth when you should be cautious, the nightmare is finally here, because the data space taking unilateral problems around, this information is on the site data, finally the data, and did not let it now I am very disappointed, once thought of giving up! But 08 years DZ and the laggards held stationmaster Congress once again let me determined Yongwangzhiqian!! hope that the webmaster friends do stand some rather spend more money to find a reputable business space not cheap!! so I changed my space, it all started, now 2 months later, the amount of information is also slowly up.

seems a little digression Le, NARAC back!


friends should know that real estate intermediary rarely actually will obediently put the information into the intermediary sector, are released to the personal sector, how to distinguish whether the intermediary information is a problem, the idea is to get a phone number to publish information statistics, the same phone release information must be more intermediary. I stand on the information to go through the manual review to show to the site, so you can also determine the artificial, is more effective than the previous distinction between intermediaries and individuals, but also conducive to the user experience.

Quanzhou housing now benign development, customer response is also good,


website is simply to make money, even now even earn a lot of money, about the profit problem is the problem of existence, only temporarily pull advertising and information recommendation and intermediary information released monthly top charges, has asked people to write the top recommended deduction procedures, but the payment interface is a problem, if you can join the mobile phone payment gateway that the effect should be yes, but the threshold is too high!! the Quanzhou rent, Quanzhou and Quanzhou real estate rental network adeu keyword ranking can also, it should be more persuasive to pull advertising methods have better friends! We can discuss together.

big and whole site, we grassroots power thin, local industry station >