more and more websites complaining about now do website, especially for some products website especially, some open selling clothes, selling gifts website development seems to have stalled, a day off by posting, advertising does not seem to attract new customers too much, many sites also face the predicament of development.

for a website, the website is not only a new user can meet the development of the site, if a site can make into 10 sites has 5 clients to become loyal customers, so our website development simply do not worry, the key is many webmaster are not able to retain loyalty in fact, for customers, 90% of the sites, retain customer loyalty just at the moment.

grasp the buyer’s psychological state, do the most sincere seller

if your website is a product class website, customers enter the website after this and that the requirements of the product, but many owners feel that the customer is very tired, so give up to communicate with customers, or is hard to communicate; and webmaster will buy in the buyer after delivery not in accordance with the requirements. The buyer is not satisfied with the result. It is because of these seem less important factors affecting customer loyalty training site, to know the buyer market should be an honest market, as long as our site facing the customer requirements to advance and retreat, promised customers can solve things, so we do not worry about the website to stay loyal customers. But the key is to see the webmaster how to grasp the integrity of the two words.

uses the buyer’s most needed content in return for customer trust

customers came to the site and not travel, they all have their own needs, I will give you a very simple example: if you think you only 90 pounds into a weight loss website? If you don’t think demand will enter a with no relation to their own website? We can see from the 95% customers enter the site because of demand, so we do when the site will stand up to the problem, edit the content in the user demand content, in exchange for the trust of users, for example, say you are a test site, then we will according to the positioning of the website editors that are most suitable for the needs of the candidates of the content. Instead of advertising instead of content, but not unrelated to the content instead of web content.

highlights the real value of the site, allowing customers to choose

different website the value direction is certainly different, but they will do for the customer choice, this choice is not only in the same industry, different industries will face customers, so our website wants to retain customers, so it is necessary to bump the true value of the site, to allow customers to choose according to the problems and needs of their own needs, and finally choice value is the customer need, so long-term customers also stay on the site, and the customer will take the initiative to introduce you to new customers, because customers will show off, will share, and this.