a website from the line to achieve a stable income, and expand income, usually encountered the following problems: why not? Why the product development effect is not my imagination? Why people don’t want to pay? How the web activities can attract more people and so on?. When the web operator asks questions about the site’s survival, it’s time to make a change. But not all personal webmaster can make changes and their reasons include the following mentality: it seems to be my marketing is not enough, should increase the network promotion; or to wait and see, users have not realized the value of the site; the industry is in a stage of fermentation, the future will have the opportunity to maintain the status quo; changes will be more worse, the existing users will not adapt to. And so on。 But according to my experience, when a webmaster confusion, but try not to change it. I would like to run a website, talk about their website revision experience.

first revision: targeting demand, trendy

I am a Wine enthusiast, had Wine agent at home and abroad for nearly 10 years, the Wine quality is also have some experience, and some contacts in Wine inside this circle, including the sommelier, sommelier, wine etc.. This is the background. The original site is similar to a blog, mainly to write my own understanding of wine, but also some personal evaluation of a wine. Then, in the message, there are people asking questions about how a wine tastes, whether it can be delivered or not. I think: why I do not give a red wine rating website? Stock rating and bond rating, the rating agencies authority in the market discourse influence should not be overlooked, why can’t I do the same thing? Of course I can’t how professional rating, so I want to do is a the professional and popular combination of rating sites. So my website is on the line. In my opinion, the key to grading is fairness. So I didn’t advertise it. My approach is this: let some of my sommelier friends registered members, let them evaluate, write personal feelings, and then let the public vote, combined together is a red wine rating. Soon I had the first problem: when a registered member of a web site reached about three hundred people, there was a stop, no more. The influence of red wine ratings on buying behavior is not as powerful as I thought it would be. At this time, a friend said, you need to promote.

second revision: focus on the promotion of large amount of big

to be honest, the information presented in the first edition of the website, whether it’s an added red wine product, a red wine review, or red wine information, is a fine line. Is after I compiled information, wine ratings are after my friend come to taste, so the wine varieties will not be so much, mainly some domestic common wine brand. But for >