we will imperceptibly into the patriotic marketing trap, and some of the so-called Tencent head of colorful marketing trap, this is actually because they have crazy reproduced and forwarding these attributes, the content of some very long, of course, some rely on some marketing tools, such as in the QQ group group to carry out marketing, are described a fact that is reproduced with high content attribute, this author believes that the implementation of the content of viral marketing and reprint is not a very difficult thing, and summarizes the following ideas and the webmaster friends discuss.

is no longer the length of the content, but the depth of

many of the daily life of sharing articles also easily in WeChat and micro-blog widely reproduced, of course, in the web site has become an important content of reprint. Of course people reprint and forward these contents often have a premise, that is the content itself has good readability, but also has certain ideological content, allowing users to read resonate. So to sum up, the content does not need length, but in depth, some philosophical content like this through WeChat everywhere reproduced, especially those in some institutions is not specious, that looks very childish, but it can cause wide spread, because these claims tend to give users a great impact on the ideology.

two, to arouse people’s emotional resonance,

relative to the technology, generally have thoughts and feelings of the more accessible to other users, for example, I have written some website marketing articles, in the article on the subject of ridicule on some effective methods, good reprint rate, but the pure technical post, the number of reprint is relatively less, it also provides new nourishment to the author of the article writing, it is in writing, to pass some positive energy to go out, can not simply preaching, but can not transfer the negative energy, after all the society to promote positive gas.

three, content helpful for users

content from the general rate is relatively high, but it must be original, writing for this part of the contents from two respects, one is written by summing up their experience, through the understanding of life and experience of deconstruction and reading, then his thoughts into one, so that you can let other users know your thoughts and feelings, once thought of the resonance will reprint your article. This part of the original content of the writing is relatively difficult, but once successful, then reproduced like a virus, like the rapid infection of the entire internet.

on the other hand is relatively simple, as long as the user for some advice and information on the Internet for consolidation and integration, also can obtain the user’s reprint, such as some users in WeChat finishing the national all public sector 400 telephone number or hotline number, get good reprint rate, of course, these the contents of the collation to find.