this method has been used for a long time, and now have time to talk about it in detail.

is looking for attractive titles, beauty pictures, headlines, or popular movies, as long as the title is clicked.


can collect some title on the site, and then hit the database, all the titles are copied to the Excel inside the first column, then the second column of the first row into your web site for example: double click the bottom right corner, will generate index/2.html…… Until your heading ends second:

sets the 404.htm error page of your site, turns this page to your home page, or moves traffic to the address you want.

below is the code for the 404 page. Copy into Notepad, rename to 404.htm (< meta http-equiv=" refresh" content=" 0;; url=" >) Third:

login YAHOO bookmarks, or QQ bookmarks page. Use the button wizard, or mouse and keyboard playback software, to send your false url.

above method completely does not need the website content, may apply some two level domain name to turn to your website, this is safer.

when I use this method, 2 hours brush about 3000, IP. brush is more than 1W…… Say so, so as not to let people say I Huyou, detailed articles in my forum there are.; tid=1365& page=1& toread=1 didn’t see clearly. You can ask ~~

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