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in the early stage of the site, do not understand a lot of things, especially for the promotion of this technology, needless to say, are used in the free program, and the program inside the function template so how to move, to increase the program function block and change template that is to dare to after all, you have to think of things, involved in this involves too many things such as database, ASP, hungry, DIV+CSS+JAVASCRIPT must have the deep understanding, taking into account the limitations of these knowledge, thus beginning by the station, on their own position or on the promotion of this aspect, can foreknow, if it is to do good if not, the template is very beautiful, the function is not very good overall, but for our late site value is still very impressive.

so, I want to think of the site and due to the technology to try the friend said: "go your own promotion, let the technology drift!" as long as you dare to take the first step, also means that the opportunity has been secretly spying on you, just waiting for you to search, to find.


figured out, to determine the early site specializing in the promotion, it can not learn SEO promotion, there is to register a free account for statistics, ready for their web traffic in all aspects of the surveillance, the advantage of this is that when you use a promotion can quickly see the effect, to prevent long-term direct promotion in some ineffective and a waste of time and energy. To do promotion, the premise is to think much, practice more, analyze and summarize more. Only in this way can I finally walk my own way.

may, when you confused how to increase the flow of time in the beginning, a way through the Internet to see, will try to add website alliance, exchange links, or in various forums, Adsense nets, blog, Post Bar mad with links to their site content, I think it brings traffic is not even bring traffic flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, to us, because there is the value of the alliance you give them with their traffic flow, pitiful, but do not expect them to what will bring to you. If it is a hair of the post, not only traffic can not last long, in the long run, and even cause resentment of search engines, included in the negative. At the same time on the website you add code that alliance, make whole website whole looks very fresh, indirect effect on the user experience of visitors, repeat is a big blow, so let the union code, start from the search engine, it is a long-term strategy, after all, most of the people is the engine to find your site.

so, just started to do SEO optimization, keyword optimization can be, the key is good, can imitate included good with your station is the same type of website, understand their grasp of the key is what, where, are on the web page is a good imitation of what density, every day to update their the content of the website, the next is a matter of time, must have patience, because the process of search engines is a long process, as long as they are updated every day, I believe.