one, "what’s worth buying" data


as of now, what is worth buying, received 1 million 600 thousand leaks, the editor after 70 thousand articles on the approval of the article, released 48 thousand of them.

November 2014, from what is worth buying to achieve the amount of orders reached 3 million 600 thousand pens, the conversion rate as high as 8%.

two, what’s the content creation method


what is worth buying, with UGC and PGC as the main original means

, that is, by means of crowdsourcing, will be transferred to the first-line users of the excavation work, the user as a product user to write the use of experience, the platform to filter the content, to ensure that the content of objectivity. If so, the product mining and objectivity of shopping guide platform can be qualitatively improved.


is expected to edit the team size in about 100 to 200 people, each category is divided into the primary, intermediate and advanced responsible person, every day they need to supplement our products in the library, to see a large number of products, to collect all kinds of information, or even their orders to buy.


, on the other hand, relies on user power, that is, UGC plus PGC. Users who are willing to buy, buy, buy, and study are eventually absorbed into what is worth buying.

three, what is worth buying user


professional user

has plenty of time to do research on quality goods and screen

maintains and upgrades its own information base,

‘s desire for active production of information is stronger,

has a sense of professionalism and a sense of reverence,

early users came from HiPDA forum

list user

did not study the content, shopping and consumption in general to recommend and ranking based

has less dependence on the platform,

information contribution is not large, they look forward to a reliable shopping guide.

sources are very complex, they are through word of mouth influence, brand communication activities, big promotion marketing attracted

four, what is worth buying, early users operate

1, seed user

sites deep users migrate to platforms and breed for professional users;

HiPAD: "electrician forum"


Buy& Sell

2, seize the sea Amoy opportunity to attract large numbers of users

early introduction of the whole process of scouring the web site, introduced the seed user