he is my friend, a real person. A primary school grade three culture, he can make his life through the network of the first pot of gold.

I said today this is not to hit, but a real thing, I just talk about the network, because many of us have been buried in the network, every day thinking about making money online, there are new ideas every day, every day looking for ideas. So confused, including my.

he is my friend, in the clothing, I used to teach in the town knew him, he opened a clothing school, because we were only more than 10 county city occupation school, and I was in the county town, the network is still a bit of circle of.

he used to have a small shop and made clothes. Later he got a computer clothing CAD school. In 2001, I helped him with a website. That’s when he began to really touch the Internet,

he is a very clever man, he is fascinated by computer, willing to learn. Of course if you can Kan, and he talked about computer network, is definitely an expert, you can’t imagine that he had only the third grade primary school. And he also exposed to new things faster than.

The country is still not open

clothing CAD a course in college, he was the first to this school, oh, he was the school only 10 machines may be professional, because I told him this is not very understanding, because we are in one county, so I have to he went for a walk, we often chat, he on his school to talk about the current apparel CAD market, and where he can operate both at home and abroad all about fashion design software. A set of genuine software clothing generally at least tens of thousands, at least about one hundred thousand thousands, a bit bigger, because they are a a small computer school, so he could not buy genuine software to teaching, so he did break the software on the Internet trying, perhaps professional reasons, he in his circle of network has a certain reputation, as long as there is A new set of clothing software, he can find a way out, break the software, at this time, he met a large number of peers, whether it is engaged in software, or engage in software development, or engage in a break. I was also the first time when he heard the dongle, heard a lot of professional knowledge of.


in 2003, once I see him for a laptop computer, the notebook computer he said he is in exchange for a software. I feel very surprised, when I began to pay attention to his software. And his movement, also often call to greet.

began in 2004, he began selling his collection of software on the network, and others hacking software, he began to get busy, because the demand is too large, you think of a genuine software clothing in the tens of thousands or more, the general small and medium-sized enterprises few. So he will buy pirated monopoly. A software as long as thousands of pieces, and he also.