I am

from the beginning of 2006 registered Adsense, the beginning is a video site, data collection involving copyrighted content, for many times without it. Through the Adsense promotion in Chinese make good.

so a friend to help me to register his line. Since then I started my Adsense life. The first time to see the background of income 0.01$, at that time very happy. I call even many of my friends say, so I made $0.01.

initially launched only a few Adsense ads on several web pages. At the end of the first day, I already had thousands of


Adsense show brought in a total of $..3 in revenue. Maybe it’s because I have a video capture station, so the unit price is lower,.

every day when I and others for advice on how to submit a Adsense price, constantly learning website, forum, blog and other articles about Adsense are basically finished. Now in retrospect, feel that was very passionate,

when a friend told me: " I can let you immediately into the 1000 knife, ", was heard; excited, ha ha, originally he said is " JS modified GGAD digital display: taught you a monthly income of million dollars, " I believe this article we are often see “““

at that time, I guess I can’t do it any more – something must be changed,


finally discovered what had been neglected in 2007. I felt as if I had suddenly made a hole. So I immediately began experimenting with my Google ad, experimenting with various advertising positions and colors to see if my ideas worked. And soon it turned out – and it was great,


I’ve only used a few simple methods (which will be introduced later), which increased the click rate by almost three times, while revenue increased to $30 / day. For me, it can solve the problem of my living expenses. The process is full of joy, watching the data of Adsense backstage every day. This is a wonderful journey full of learning and experience.

here to share their own recommendations to optimize Adsense:

1. uses 336*280, big rectangle, or skyscraper advertising (160*60), and I think these two types are best. Try not to use 468*60

2. lets you advertise looks like the article content, the color combination must combine own website’s style, as far as possible hides the URl color, uses the blue character color to highlight the advertisement content.

3. please try not to use the chart >