typhoon’s influence began to decrease, many people finally breathed a sigh of relief, however, the storm was once again around the country, and even caused some places lost contact, so that people worry about. In July 12th at around 1 am, Luonan County town of inspection by heavy rains, causing the town 8 villages affected to varying degrees, causing serious losses to the agricultural production and the life of the masses, infrastructure, industrial and mining enterprises. At present, due to communication, road disruption, is located in the village of Prince Edward Hill Village lost contact with the whole village, more than a thousand villagers are unknown, the local authorities are starting emergency rescue measures.

7 the morning of 12 August 3, Luonan County newspaper special correspondent Luo Gang rushed out inspection. According to its introduction, the rainfall caused flash floods, Gan River, river deer, horse driving flat three river water surge inspection town. After preliminary statistics, the town of Prince Ping, high mountains and rivers, driving deer, patrol street 4 villages severely affected.

patrol street community water area of more than 100 meters away the fork; a small Laojun Mountain gate across the river 50 meters away, the road half emptied; Laojun Mountain River and Mountain Gate destroyed nearly 100 meters of white marble railings, hollowed out road; sewage treatment plant near the water surface, the flood into the ground.

driving deer Village 8 farms were all washed away, more than 30000 chickens were washed away; 1 sheep were destroyed; trunk road about 5000 meters to be destroyed; on the village 100 acres of walnut was destroyed, two horses were sent a long Pang home away, waung bridge destroyed. High mountains and rivers, the village of Wang Xincheng, 5 houses were washed away. Prince Ping Village due to communication interruption, lost contact, the situation is unknown." Luo Gang said.

this is a natural disaster caused by the rapid local leaders attach importance to the relevant leaders rushed to the scene. After the disaster, Luonan County inspection town Party committee and government to act quickly, the first time to organize cadres rushed to the affected village to carry out emergency rescue and disaster relief disaster investigation work. 12, 2009, when the reporter was informed that the current local authorities have launched emergency rescue measures, the rescue team sent to the town on foot rushed to the village of Prince Edward.

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