I am also a novice, from the beginning of the search engine site optimization, and now about half a year’s time. Everyone who does this industry will meet the decline or rise ranking, ranking instability, for the user’s experience also has an important impact, of course, the front of the ranking is better.

friends in this optimization process, the site in search engines ranking instability is inevitable phenomenon, as webmaster of us, for the first time long want to how to restore rankings. We should analyze the reasons, persist in optimization, unless the search engine algorithm has changed, or, of course, from their own website to analyze the reasons. The following five points are the main reasons for my personal experience, for reference purposes only.

a title change, website revision

web site must do all the necessary basic measures before the line, after the line, try not to update the website template or website title, keywords, description and so on.

two site is hacked

a lot of people in the construction site has left many loopholes, it is very easy for hackers to take advantage of a weak point, the site was attacked or is linked to the horse. The general is linked to the horse after ranking does not immediately fall, until the owners to remove those pages when the horse will produce some failure pages or dead links, until the search engine update then ranking also fell. If you’re not a very professional developer, I suggest you use some of the more commonly used web apps.

three server stability

, whether you use a virtual host or an independent server, be sure to be stable. Don’t be greedy. If your site does not open for many days, the search engine search page can not be opened, then your ranking will face decline or disappear.

still decreased or deleted


said the chain is emperor, but not to say that the more chains, the better, the key depends on the quality. If you sent one hundred of the chain today, tomorrow was deleted eighty, so the effect must be very poor. Therefore, when doing the chain must be careful and careful to do, do not casually find, you can leave the link, leaving the link, so it will only bring the opposite effect.

five links

links must be regularly checked, many problems may occur in the link. Whether or not to exchange links or buy links with others, it may have just begun to be stable, and finally to a sudden decline in rankings. This may be because the link site has been K or website increased a lot of export links, and your site links ranking has been out, so keywords ranking will of course will slowly decline.

above is my personal summary of some experience, novice friends can refer to. Article original: cloud >