Internet entrepreneurial trend continues to surge, more and more young people flocked to the Internet fishing for gold. For these young Internet entrepreneurs, they grasp the profit model of the internet. So what are the Internet profit model? Here are ten to share.

profit mode: online advertising

What are the

Two: profit pattern, SMS and other customized ringing tone download MMS Value-added Telecom

What are the

three profit model: product trading site

A. through the site to sell other people’s products (C2C and B2C mode), for example, Taobao (C2C),


B. through the site to sell their products (including B2C)   yixieshi

four profit model: provide unique resources, members provide services and benefits (personal feel will know almost in this direction)

such patterns on behalf of Alibaba (example China B2B)

What are the

six profit model: search competitive row, investment products, web site classification and information integration, pay recommendation and drawn into profit

seven profit model: advertising agency

eight profit model: enterprise information service   some


A. help enterprises to build and promote the website

B. agent sales of major companies network products