in many college students’ eyes, entrepreneurs must first find a good office building, like the last delivery by Tsinghua talented netizens hot, in fact, Xiaobian form of entrepreneurship is not important, important is the business content, process and results.

"business does not need to be a clean office, the land in rural areas can still achieve their life values, where can let the dream to take off, where is my dream dreams!" Talking about the history of entrepreneurship and partners, pig champion, after 90 college students deep feelings.

zuara, Cong Yue long is a high school classmate, Liu Zelei. At the beginning of 2015, the 3 90 university graduates were resigned from their work, from different city home Ningcheng County, home to meet a career, realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth.

quit town work to raise a pig, make it difficult to understand, they just put forward the idea of the pig, parents, relatives and was immediately opposed, full ears are questioning voice. Faced with a variety of discussions, 3 young people are reluctant to explain, do not want to retreat. "We want to use the action to tell others, even if the home to raise pigs, we also want to be a" pig champion "!" , after 3 people adhere to the final of the 3 families have agreed to their entrepreneurial decision. The family agreed, but where can I raise money for raising pigs? A word of money gives them a headache.