education industry to get rich potential can not be underestimated, the state’s support rate for the education industry is very alarming, so as to join the big market, the education sector is a good choice. Want to become a successful education franchisee also need to master some skills.

in business education franchise, entrepreneurs want to shop in the market is relatively good, so entrepreneurs in the shop when the shop can master to create wealth in the market skills, then shop in the market to create success is simple! In fact, for this problem, the key is to entrepreneurs with market and consumer demand to develop strategies for the


A: Education franchise policy risk. So far, the domestic education or other departments have not yet made a clear division of the division of early education industry. A staff member of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said: China’s early education market has just started, we have never been approved education franchise.

three stores: education teacher talent is hard to find. It is understood that the number of children’s normal school in Beijing has not yet opened an early education to join the curriculum, there is no domestic universities set up specifically for the 0 – to 3 year old early childhood professional. In other words, now the country can not provide formal training as abroad, such as early childhood talent. How to train skilled employees in a short period of time, to ensure the quality of teaching, is a major problem faced by investors.


as operators to join the industry education, we must know how to play the advantage of a franchise, to find the right to join the brand, fast brand awareness, a firm foothold in the education sector, the money can only be more simple.



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