how to open micro shop? This is a lot of small entrepreneurs want to know. Many investors get good income through open micro shop, want to let investment businesses shop is very jealous. Today Xiaobian take you to know the steps to open a micro shop.

The concept of

know the micro shop, so the question is, what is the open micro shop steps?

register a micro shop in the micro store official website, enter the page after clicking "5 seconds to open micro shop". Fill in the micro shop screen name, set the password to determine the password, the registration will be completed to complete their own micro shop, that is to become a micro shop owner.


1. submit audit information

2. waiting for the auditor to review

3. pay margin and charges

4. release products, suppliers do not need to open their own micro shop advertising costs do not spend, as long as the responsibility for orders, delivery, sale can be. Save a lot of manpower and material resources to promote.

In fact,

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