dessert is everyone’s favorite, dessert can make people have a good mood, can make people feel happy, this is the special dessert, but also the characteristics of dessert. So now there are a lot of people to open the dessert cake shop, the more successful people to make money! Today Xiaobian take you take a look at the small cake shop is how to create great wealth.

no matter what kind of business, the location of the store is very important choice, as the saying goes: to open a shop, site is the key." The location of the famous cake shop requirements "flourishing". But for small shops, the rent is too high downtown, so it is recommended to choose a more prosperous residential area, near the school, the rent is more affordable, the place is not too large, there are 30 to 50 square meters is enough.

small cake shop business model in the shop decoration, famous cake shop will arrange uniform decoration and design, will assist the stores like Ganso the choice of shops, store decoration design and construction work. The cake shop on their own, it is necessary to do their own, it is recommended to pay attention to the following in the decoration:

is the first daylighting better glass wall. First of all, the customer can look at the store’s cake and other food, no doubt made an image advertising. Secondly, the glass wall is easy to clean.

second is the main color to elegant. Ganso pink is a good example of decoration, gives a warm feeling, do not use such a deep black color.

if you are also in front of the screen, then open a dessert cake shop! Small series of analysis and presentation, we can see the prospects for the development of the industry as well as the advantages of dessert. If you choose to open a dessert cake shop, there will be a lot of advantages, profitability will be guaranteed! If you want to shop before the screen to make money, then choose the cake shop, I believe you can create great wealth!

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