business has now become one of the themes of the times, around the same time in order to create a more favorable social environment, have begun to create entrepreneurship training programs and institutions, in order to help some social entrepreneurs.

in the keynote session, Lu Qi Tsing capital published "new energy industry" Internet plus "opportunity" keynote speech, she said: "in the sharing of power reform open electricity market, electricity reform is an area under the fire policy benchmark. Expected in the next few years, micro energy grid can promote short-term energy Internet applications. The distributed PV market and hardware equipment manufacturers in the face of new energy Internet outlet are facing many opportunities for transformation." Hina product development group chief technology officer Gao Peng has 14 years of experience in the new energy industry, many areas involved in electric vehicles, batteries, and even children’s toys and other new energy products. He said: do not make solar energy for solar energy, the combination of intelligence and wearable devices will create a larger market space."




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