now people in the promotion of goods are often a variety of publicity, consumers can only be based on the sales staff to understand the words of the product. In fact, we are now selling goods, might as well take "static goods sold" business strategy, so that the effect is often better. After all, let consumers really understand the goods, so as to attract more people to buy.

not long ago, a shopping mall launched a place called "static goods sell" activities, attracting a large number of customers.

the shopping mall on both sides of the entrance to the store set up two rows of pavilions, built in a number of day and night non-stop washing machine, free laundry for customers for 50 days. Outside the pavilion with a notice: no matter who, as long as the washing machine failure occurs, you can get a free washing machine. The move has aroused great interest, every day there are many onlookers to leave "". Washing machine in the people’s attention to a small noise, wash clean, do not hurt the clothing, the motor is not hot, and many other advantages, so that customers feel the convenience of the washing machine, practical. Customers buy, sales are rising.

today, customers go shopping, some salesperson always blindly to say how good customer goods and how to perfect, so much publicity goods, often make the purchase and use of the customers feel cheated.

I have had such an experience. Last summer, I went to an electric appliance store to buy a wall fan, salesman tried to sell a certain brand of wall fan, and has repeatedly claimed that this wall fan quality, genuine. However, I bought a home with less than ten days on the bad. I found the merchant to discuss the argument, but ignore the business, and later reluctantly sent a maintenance personnel to repair a little, not a few days and bad. Until I finally found the association, the merchant promised to return. With this experience, I will be more careful after the shopping, even if the business is not good to say the goods are not easily tempted, only after many visits will be purchased.

as the saying goes: "the ears, seeing is believing." If you can engage in a number of businesses in the sales process, static goods sell activities, the characteristics of the goods to be displayed in front of consumers, so consumers in the purchase of your goods on the heart of the practical.

now, affected by the financial crisis, many businesses deserted, sad days. Businesses may wish to learn from the static goods to sell this experience, in order to sincere hospitality, the introduction of a number of close to the customer’s sales activities, arouse the customer’s desire to buy, to achieve the purpose of promoting sales.

if only through the sales staff to understand the goods, which will make a lot of consumers feel at ease. After all, the market is now a lot of counterfeit goods, some even if the publicity is good, there will be a variety of >