China’s animation industry is now in a stage of rapid development, for investors, the industry has a lot of nuggets space. So how much does it cost to invest in an anime store? This issue is of great concern, in order to clarify this issue, the following is a brief analysis.

a comics store expenses include: store decoration, rent, staff salaries, expenses and business sources of working capital reserve. But specific to each store is different. How much does it cost to invest in an anime store? For example, the choice of the store address is different from the rent is also different, and the decoration of the store also has its own practice, this expenditure can be a lot of difference. So before the start must be put around the investigation clearly and fully understand the customer and your competitors, not blindly to speak for the supply of goods often row, don’t necessarily need to be very large to investment funds.

a animation shop investment cost includes all aspects need comprehensive consideration, the specific investment cost according to the needs of investors to determine the selection of objects. Some of the best animation brand investment costs are lower, investors may wish to find such a project cooperation, you can do with a small broad.