as a worker in you, you need to consider is what you pay, as long as the duty to work well, almost no what other concerns, but once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, all this can not be the same, what you have to consider the bad customers it will be accompanied by your career development.

"when his boss is easy to misunderstand, want to seize every customer, every business, but sometimes so instead of the disadvantageous." Stephen, ·, author of "killing the giant: defeating the ten strategies of the industry tycoons," said Danny. "You have to know what you can do, what you can’t do, and whether your needs and values match you."

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do another benefit: good few customers recommend bad customers. Get rid of bad customers is also in the future to improve the quality of customer base. So, how to determine whether a customer is really with you or temporary friction? When you complain with friends after work in the wine on the table, quickly think about source. "Is it because a customer who sees the name in the mail will upset you?" "Icing on the cake" (Your  Best  Just  Got  Better) a book by author Jason Womack said, "· you need to establish a high quality network of future opportunities from here."

"health of a business is the key to success, it depends on whether the enterprise has to adhere to their own values." Colorado Boulder CEO Jim · (Jim  Franklin) said, first of all, you have to determine the values. We call it 4H: honesty (Honest), Happy (Humble), craving (Hungry), and happiness. Our roots