Shouxian County as an ancient city, still stands in the ancient city wall, which is a witness to the region’s long history, but also attracted a large number of tourists to visit. Shouxian County wa Bu Zhen in the beautiful countryside construction, good culture, tourism and industry "three cards", to create beautiful Huaibin Town, but the specific implementation cannot do without an effective program, so, how to build the beautiful countryside of Shouxian County wa Bu Zhen? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

tile town has more than 2600 years of history. For historical and cultural heritage of the town, the provincial center of the village – fishermen village overall Wabuhu town into the scope of protection, through the planning and design, the village of village layout and architectural style consistent with the ancient town, 252 new housing units, but also supporting the construction of village square.

Shouxian County is close to the capital city of Hefei, Anhui, can make full use of geographical advantages to develop their own, so the future development prospects of tile town is greatly optimistic. The use of the lake water and tile town adjacent to the provincial capital Hefei advantages, actively develop the tourism industry, to open up a "green travel" and "red tourism", tourism circle. The town also focus on industrial development, relying on the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, 120 million yuan investment development and construction of breeding base, through the "company + base + farmers" mode, drive the central village big feature of aquaculture.

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