although many shopkeepers have seen the relevant naming skills, however, for how the name also has a lot of questions, I do not know what kind of name can refer to. Here, Xiao Bian on to introduce some of the shoes named case, so as to give a better reference to the owner.

1, a name:


interpretation: the name of the pronunciation more agile fluently, have experience with English lead a person to endless aftertastes, very simple, is a good brand name shoes.

2, shoe store name:

interpretation: stride meaning, describe the spirits, to exult.

3, a name:


interpretation: take handsome, power atmosphere fashion means

4, a name:


interpretation: Iraq, Iraq, girls; shellfish, flowers, flowers, beautiful and lovely.

5, shoe store name: man step shoe store

interpretation: you can walk like a cloud or cloud walker, the cloud is light, make your footsteps easier.

6, shoe store name: Dragon Knight shoe store


interpretation: this name and most of the other men’s brands put a very conspicuous, do not need to do too much advertising, visibility can go up.

7, shoe store name: Meizu

interpretation: charm so that women can think of another feeling.

8, shoe store name: step where girls

interpretation: homophonic, easy to remember, easy to spread.

9, a female shoe

shoe style


said the store’s shoes have appeared, Taiwan Yayoi appear attractive, high rate of return.

10, shoe store name: Ya Ya

interpretation: very personality and very meaning of the name; and a word that elegant, elegant, reflect a grade; there are two meaning a second Y: shape, like a foot shape, let people understand that it is not the other shoe shop. Two: and the first elegant homonym, convenient memory, but also highlight the atmosphere, do not rigidly adhere to a particular brand.