‘s not rash, and there is a different character, rash and too much in haste, the choice in the venture will be above the natural difference. So, if you decide to start a business, the premise of natural or understand what kind of entrepreneur is better. So, what kind of entrepreneur are you? And let’s do a little test.

test: see what kind of entrepreneur you are

entrepreneurship. Not impossible, too, if you want to be successful in the need for themselves and the environment have a basic analysis and clear understanding of everything around, only do so successfully to entrepreneurship, and create the most wealth in the shortest time, you know what you are entrepreneur


test to see what kind of entrepreneur you belong to:

we all like to spy on other people’s privacy, and it seems that everyone has a peeping experience. If one day, when you walk in the street, found that the high wall has a small hole, you want to see what the hole from what


A. a pair of men and women

B. garden or lawn

C. magnificent mansion

D. watchdog or guard


A: you are a standard optimist, when you want to start a business, we must carefully review your goals is not rich and the actual situation of their own accord, whether it is in the range of your ability, not blindly optimistic, which is the root cause for to your failure, prepare for the worst to make you succeed faster.

choose B people: that you are a very realistic person, in the formulation of the objective is always very objective, so it is relatively easy to achieve. But is your style. But the lack of a little aggressive and passion, which is an obstacle of your development, if you can let go a little, a little more daring, it is more perfect.

choose C people: that you are a very worship of money, there are a lot of dreams, but always looking forward to the luxury of life. You have the objective of earning money, and you always have a way to get rich. But you know, you are the one to make money and desperately, which is harmful to health, so money is important, but you should know is that life is very important, do not make money to see than life and health are important to.