in the process of economic development, there are a lot of real estate industry, for our development provides a lot of thrust. However, in the process of development, the development of cultural industry is also inevitable! The first half of 2016, in deepening the reform of the cultural system and cultural industry revitalization initiatives under the guidance of the momentum of development of cultural industry in Zigong City, has entered a new period of upgrading, showing a new situation full of youthful spirit.

(1) project to promote new achievements. The great project of the city’s cultural system "in 13th Five-Year" were analyzed and combed the 60 major projects, plans a total investment of 33 billion yuan, of which China (Zigong) "Lantern town" in the cultural and Creative Industry Park, Chinese lantern, World Cultural Arts Center in Zigong City, the two phase of the project (Theater) and industrial sites square Salt History Culture Expo park four cultural projects in Zigong city in 2016 100 to focus on projects.

date, lantern township has invested about 6 million yuan, has completed planning and design, transition training base, office and supporting infrastructure, grape planting; lantern world project officially launched, has repeatedly studied matters of command personnel, funds application, investment work, initially identified the relevant for the smooth progress of the construction of supporting facilities; cultural center project, investment about 4000000 yuan, completed the system installation, hydropower, fire lanes and septic tanks and other outdoor construction, now being refined interior decoration engineering concept design.

(2) foreign exchange achieved new success. The depth of mining salt dragon culture resources, accelerate the formation of cultural industry. Organize relevant personnel to the province has Zhejiang, Nanjing, Guanghan Province, Bazhong and other places to visit to learn the development of cultural industry experience, formed the investigation report; actively with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Foreign Friendship Association docking lantern foreign trade project, the formation of the G20 summit, the Sino French cultural Cooperation Forum lantern program.

of Zigong Lantern Festival "100 city" plan, "Zigong city to promote the cultural and creative design services and related industries development action plan (2015 – 2020)" were revised and improved; drafting the "eighth session of Chinese Western Cultural Industry Fair", "the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair" the scheme, the Provincial Department of culture and the Zigong municipal government "on the promotion of cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the strategic cooperation framework agreement", the municipal government and Songpan county government "targeted aid cultural cooperation agreement" etc.. Preparatory meeting held the first colorful cultural summit, Zigong cultural industry backbone enterprises owners forum cum Training, started the construction of the Zigong lantern industry association.

6 months, the successful introduction of Shenzhen City, Xing Xing, Zigong investment and investment in the city of Shenzhen Branch Yu Xing Investment Co., Ltd. inject 55 million, recommend