The clothing industry contains huge business opportunities

makes more and more people would like to open a clothing store, especially for some novice entrepreneurship, compared to other industries, the garment industry access threshold is low, relatively simple to use, has become a hot spot of current investment. But for small operators, how to open a small clothing store?

as the last century was born in 80s entrepreneurs, Li Yong ten thousand yuan of funds into the sea, just a short period of five years, has a total of six stores and one million. Her shop is from the hands of others in the face of the loss of the facade, and she is running the project is the most common, the most intense competition clothing, so, Li Jia is how to make clothing store stand out?

subway shopping malls in Xujiahui, with the layout of other subway shops and no two, clothing stores accounted for the absolute mainstream.

, however, one of them called "clothing concept" clothing store business is particularly prosperous. More than 10 square meters of shops were crowded with young girls in the streams of people busily coming and going, too busy to attend to all is a people in front of a bright young girl. Li Jia is the boss here, but also the other five stores in Shanghai operators.

was born in 80s last century, entrepreneurs, Li Jia has only five years of these. Five years ago, she knew nothing about business.

"snail shell" started sixty thousand months

2000, Li Jia and many white-collar workers in the office, nine to five. In the vicinity of Jingan Temple to work for her, a subway line two on the way to an encounter, opened her other lifestyle Title page.

in the middle of Henan Road station, I saw a small shop facing operational difficulties, are beginning to transfer. Although no one home business, but I am very interested in the shop, decided to ask the situation and then make a decision." Say it small, worthy of the name. Because it is only 3.6 square meters.

Li Jia recalls, at that time, although the subway shops are very tight, but the rent level is not high. The rent for the flat is 1500 yuan per month. My income was 3000 yuan per month, think even if lost, every month to take less than $1500, the risk I can afford." Now want to come, Li Jia some lucky, if the rent is now the level, then, his stage is still in the office.

opened a clothing store at the beginning of the business, limited funds is inevitable. In addition to the rent, Li Jia will spend all of the money to buy clothes from the wholesale market, where other provinces can save. No money to decorate, she found a stack of English newspapers, DIY, paste all the walls. All the upfront investment but ten thousand yuan.