Wang Shi

said, it can be really frustrating, but in fact his starting point is not high, did not read what the book, but by virtue of the spirit and the eyes look far ahead from a high plane, tenacious struggle, he succeeded, and almost became a model of China merchants!

17 years after graduating from junior high school, he did not go to the countryside, but in accordance with the wishes of the parents to join the army, Xuzhou and Xinjiang during the first half of the Turpan basin, the army for 5 years, transport soldiers (at that time not to jump the queue and successfully enlisted, no background home is impossible).

five years as car soldiers in Xinjiang after the restoration to the hydropower section of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau do boiler overhaul workshop workers. When the Railway Bureau got 2 recommended university places, according to Wang Shi autobiography is "masters because people love Wang Shi hardy and consistent recommended him to Lanzhou Railway Institute (now LanZhou JiaoTong University)". But one thing to note is that, at that time, Wang Shi father is deputy director of the Liuzhou railway bureau.

74 years, at least 23 years old, into the water supply and drainage of LanZhou JiaoTong University graduate, university undergraduate for 3 years (the last 4 years), adhere to read the "political economy". 77 years of graduation, assigned to the Guangzhou Railway Bureau works. Worked for 3 years, is a project technician, responsible for civil engineering projects along the railway. Married during this period and had children. The father-in-law’s family background is not convenient to say here, but it is the father of Wang Shi and his comrades, or it can be said.


The establishment of

1983 to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Development Company, in 1984 the formation of modern science and Technology Equipment Exhibition Center, as general manager.

1988, the company changed its name to