a variety of festivals have always been a hot time on the market, which is not only applicable to the store, the same business platform. Festival is the electricity supplier carnival. From the local Mid Autumn Festival to the Western Christmas, electricity providers can drive a lot of holiday sales. But some people still feel not enough, but also create more holidays, in order to create a real business Kuangxiao season.

national crazy shopping, which means electricity supplier crazy sales. As a new member of the electronic business platform, micro shop naturally will not miss these opportunities. In addition to significantly enhance the micro store sales, the owners can also take advantage of this opportunity to precipitate a large number of customers, laying the foundation for the development of the store.

specific promotion methods are as follows.

1. use poster sweep code to attract fans attention

poster is a common way to promote the shop, two-dimensional code technology so that the poster has become a gateway to the micro channel.

micro shop owner can use the poster sweep code to attract the attention of fans, it is best to set up some small games, for example, sweep the code to participate in the lottery, or sweep the code to give gifts or coupons, etc..

of course, after getting the attention of fans, micro shop owner to maintain a good relationship with each other, with WeChat or other contact with fans to maintain a continuous contact. When the store held some promotional activities, must be the first time to inform these fans.

with the increasingly close contact, fans of your micro store loyalty and recognition will continue to increase. In this way, the probability of transforming into loyal customers will continue to increase.

2. send SMS messages to add WeChat alert

electric Kuangxiao season, and ultimately join senior "cut the hand", but also there is no lack of new customer experience.

micro shop owner in the delivery of information sent to the customer, you might as well put your own WeChat and micro shop links with the past. This precise point of promotion, it is likely to become a new customer old Yi passengers.

3. invoice printing WeChat with the parameters of the two-dimensional code


provides two-dimensional code with parameters of the interface to the service number, the official described as follows: "in order to meet the needs of analysis of user channel promotion, provide a public platform to generate two-dimensional code with parameters of the interface. The interface can be used to obtain a plurality of two-dimensional codes with different scene values."

if we know the two-dimensional code into a character, then the two-dimensional code with parameters is to let >