furniture industry in recent years is very fire, but the traditional furniture brand development has encountered a bottleneck, furniture brands do not seem easy to change. With the continuous development of science and technology, especially in the information age, the traditional enterprises began to gradually transform, slowly from China to create the transformation, continuous innovation to achieve quality. One of the traditional furniture to do a good job, began to make people proud.

by the upper reaches of the real estate industry, the furniture industry in recent years has been tepid. Especially in the traditional furniture, building materials, more factories continue to spread the news, for the cold market more add a serious color, seems to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar "transformation" has to be imminent. Re positioning, with a new thinking to reform the enterprise, but also take into account the interests of traditional channels. For the high market share, body mass of traditional enterprises, the transition is a very difficult technical activity. However, as long as the enterprise adhere to the final success.


Need to rely on the information transformation of traditional enterprise

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