in our daily life, the police auxiliary personnel represent the positive energy of society, as the role of maintaining social harmony, but for them to take good management is also very necessary. The police support staff as an important supplementary force, the public security organs for a long time, bear the night guard, on-site disposal, street patrol work, is very hard, how to standardize the management of this huge team, improve their occupation sense of honor and sense of identity and belonging?

for the further implementation of the "Office of the State Council on regulating the police auxiliary personnel management advice", after a lot of research and demonstration and full communication and coordination based on demand and solicit opinions on the "opinions" the general office of the people’s Government of Henan Province on the province’s standardized public security organs of police support staff management in November 1st the implementation of the province issued. Opinions on the use of personnel, salary, recruitment conditions, hierarchical management and other key issues, have made clear views and standards.

clear the proportion of auxiliary police

the "opinions" pointed out that with the amount of principle, according to the actual number of police and police auxiliary personnel number does not exceed 1:1 proportion; for the social security situation is severe and complicated, arduous task of counter-terrorism and generally not more than 1:1.2; the ratio of 1:1 to VanGogh, shall be reported to the provincial public security organs and departments approved approval or record.

determine the remuneration of all around the standard

auxiliary staff wages in principle approved according to the local urban non private units average wage of workers in the standard, the specific performance standards by the provincial city and county according to the factors of local social and economic development, financial status, and determine the area of police auxiliary personnel wages, salary structure and subsidy programs, and the establishment of a dynamic adjustment mechanism. At the same time, requires all the salary standard in determining the required provincial human resources and social security department, the provincial public security department to review the record after the execution.

improve the recruitment of Police Recruitment Qualifications

in order to ensure the basic quality of the new recruiting auxiliary police officers, auxiliary police officers in Henan province unified recruitment requirements for personnel qualifications for college; with special skills or expertise, cultural degree can be relaxed to senior high school or technical secondary school.

set up the auxiliary police level management

to expand the career development space for police officers, to further stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm of the work, enhance the sense of professional identity, the police officers to be classified into seven ranks, and clear the promotion period.

"opinion" is also clear to the police on a regular basis to assist staff performance recommendations